We were never an intranet: why the world needs employee success

By Faye Wai

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We were never an intranet: why the world needs employee success
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For years, Jostle has positioned itself as a new kind of intranet. But those days are over—Jostle is now embracing its employee success roots.

Even though we’ve won multiple awards as an employee intranet, we've never fit that description. In fact, we recognized that "modern intranets" failed to help people connect and do their best at work. So, we did some self-reflection and examined the new reality of our working world and where we belonged in it.

Here are some things we found along the way: 

  1. Intranets never worked to begin with. And they absolutely don’t work in today’s new world of work. It’s time to move beyond them.
  2. More than ever, people want to be enabled to work on their own terms, on things that matter to them at an organization where they belong. That’s what makes them feel successful. And what the world needs right now is employee success because that’s what boosts productivity, retention, and joy.

The conclusion/ where we’ve landed? We’re happy to announce that we’re officially an employee success platform

It's clear that the new working world needs a new approach too—an employee success platform that brings everyone together and helps them succeed. We want to put the joy into work and life back into organizations.

How do we do it? Our platform harnesses Jostle’s employee success framework by helping employees understand what matters, get the information and support they need, and be recognized each step of the way.  We’ve helped employees in over 1,000 organizations easily belong and contribute, anywhere, anytime. And we’ll continue championing employee success for the years to come.


Jostle admits it was never an employee intranet.

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Faye Wai

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