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Jostle’s beating intranets at their own game

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Jostle’s beating intranets at their own game

Jostle was recognized as a Leader among intranets—even though we aren't built like one. Read more to discover all the ways customers are using our platform to help their employees enjoy success at work.

At Jostle, we love celebrating all our customers have achieved with our platform, and today we’re celebrating the feedback they shared for G2’s Summer 2022 reports. 

In today’s world of work, employees are quite often literally all over the map, and it can be a challenge to keep everyone connected to each other and your organization. This isn’t a new struggle. Companies with shift workers, multiple locations, and employees “on the road” have been dealing with this for years, but it’s becoming more and more common thanks to the transition to hybrid and remote work. 

As we emerge from the pandemic era, employees want to maintain the flexibility that working from home provided. People want to be enabled to do their best work from wherever they are, for an organization where they feel a sense of belonging. Many companies are in the process of trying to make that happen with remote or hybrid work arrangements, but do they have the right tools to do so?

Change is rapid in the workplace. Employees (especially ones working dispersed) need a single place to easily find all the information they need to do their job. But all that information is arriving at a speed that’s overwhelming the company intranet. Even so-called “modern intranets” have become stale and confusing places that make most employees throw their hands in the air while groaning, “ugh!” 

Jostle's employee success platform isn't built like an intranet, which means it doesn't run into the same problems intranets do.

A Leader among intranets

In G2’s Summer 2022 reports, Jostle was recognized as a Leader in the Employee Intranet Mid-Market (51-1000 employees) Grid Report, a High Performer in the Overall category, and a Leader in the Overall Employee Communications category.

The Employee intranet category includes customizable products that allow for collaboration, communication, and file sharing within defined groups. Products in the Employee communications category are much broader, but must allow companies to easily deliver relevant communication to employees and be able to analyze the performance of that content. In this category, it’s important that communication can be targeted to the right people, on the basis of location, department, or role, and available on multiple devices.

How rankings are calculated

G2 calculates rankings based on two factors: customer satisfaction and market presence (which considers the seller’s size). The ‘satisfaction’ ranking looks at reviews from verified Jostle users, giving more weight to more recent feedback and reviews that provide more details. Market presence considers the software vendor’s size and is scored based on 15 metrics, including the number of employees, number of total reviews, and presence on social media. 

Here at Jostle, we wanted to fix the problem of irrelevant, overwhelming, and noisy intranets, all while making sure communication can happen up, down, and across an organization. We’re so happy to see the incredible feedback from our customers that we’re doing just that—and being recognized on “intranet’s turf.” We love hearing how the Jostle platform helps build successful workplaces! 

Read what Jostle users have to say on Jostle's G2 review page


Intranets often overwhelm and frustrate people. Jostle's taken a different approach.

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Sabrina Roach

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