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A paradigm shift to a next-generation intranet for McFarland Clinic

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A paradigm shift to a next-generation intranet for McFarland Clinic

McFarland Clinic, a 70-year old healthcare organization, addresses a need for better communications and an easier way to find and share information by using Jostle's modern intranet.

We hear a lot about how young innovative companies like to adopt new internal collaboration and networking technology. They engage their millennial workforces and journey on. But what about a more established company? Can a 70-year old multi-specialty medical group do the same?

McFarland Clinic was founded in 1946 and now has 1,300 employees across Iowa. They provide medical services in nearly every specialty. They depend on reams of forms, procedures, and documents. Their outdated intranet made it hard to search and find relevant documents.

They realized that a next-generation intranet would be a huge paradigm shift. The challenges of the shift are real, but so are the benefits. People who were never before connected in any way are coming together as an organization. They can quickly find their critical documents and forms. This solved their biggest pain point – but it was only the beginning of the good news.

Were there concerns? Sure. Change makes people nervous. Leadership never wavered in its support, however, and their communications team built a very thoughtful rollout plan. The scavenger hunt they ran to introduce the new tool is a great idea to replicate.

Read the full case study and see how they’re poised to keep central Iowa healthy for another 70 years.

Bev Attfield

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