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Jostle introduces Zapranet, the always-fresh intranet
Animation by Justin Alm

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Jostle introduces Zapranet, the always-fresh intranet

A new kind of intranet that auto-deletes content daily to deliver an always-fresh employee experience.

Vancouver, April 1, 2015

Jostle Corporation announced today that it has reinvented the employee intranet. Again. Today Jostle introduced Zapranet, an intranet that can never become clogged with stale content.

Responding to studies showing that employees don’t use intranets with stale content, Jostle’s Zapranet is centered on a breakthrough innovation that guarantees fresh content. Any posts or comments or files that did not receive a like or download in any 24 hour period are deleted. Pointless chats fade away faster than people can find them.

Zapranet Animation

“Beta test results show employee participation rates go through the roof. Not only are employees assured that they will never be hindered by stale content, they also know they need to get in fast to see anything. It really brings organizations to life,” commented Jostle CEO, Brad Palmer.

Jostle experience designer Justin Alm added “We closely observed intranet users in their natural environment – while heads-down busy at work. They clearly told us ‘Get this sh$# out of here. So we did.”

“We find the increased stress and anxiety involved is a huge boost to productivity. Peer pressure is amplified, as people must get their peers to promote their content the instant it goes up. They live in constant fear that they will miss critical information before it is deleted. Employees need this feeling of insecurity to keep their edge. Zapranet’s ability to continually frighten and frustrate employees makes businesses more productive and profitable,” explains Deb Lavoy, Jostle’s VP of Content Marketing.

Jostle’s beta test of Zapranet was extensive and included leading industry analysts. They are strongly in favor of the new concept.

Stowe Boyd, known for his body of work on the Future of Work reflected:

"I've always thought that the trace of our communications online should decay, like kitchen leavings in the compost heap. But Zapranet takes that to a new level, putting a 24-hour sell-by date on all our content, a lot of which does smell like old cheese, anyway."

Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer of Adjuvi, and ZDNet, shared his vision of how this could evolve into the future: "In the next upgrade, we're also recommending that the new intranet erases content right as it's posted, minimizing cognitive overload for workers.”

"The biggest problem with social collaboration tools is they create massive information overload. Jostle has solved this problem by deleting content moments after it’s posted. If people don’t see content it won’t bother them, leaving their mind open to do other work.” remarked Alan Lepofsky, Constellation Research.

“Rollout times have dropped from days to under 24 hours” noted Jostle’s Director of Customer Success, Sally Smith. “Now it’s ‘get her launched’ or she’s gone.”

Jessica Hollander, Jostle’s Director of Marketing cautioned “We encourage all Jostle Champions to keep video screen capture running at all times, if they want any hope of winning a coveted Jostle Award next year. Your best stuff will be gone before you knew it was good.”

Ephraim Julius Freed, the Communications Manager at the Digital Workplace Group sums it up: “In one fell swoop Zapranet eliminates so many of the challenges most intranets face, way beyond stale content. Creating a complicated information architecture? Who needs a navigation structure when you don’t have to store the content!! Horrible search results? What better way to wrestle that beast to the ground than by having no search results at all!! Content pruning, updating and archiving? Say sayonara! If you want to cut costs and streamline process, Zapnet is the intranet for you.”

Learn more about Jostle’s Zapranet. It’s free for all customers that sign up from the link below today.


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