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Jostle bags 2 awards and 95% customer satisfaction rating!
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Jostle bags 2 awards and 95% customer satisfaction rating!

Jostle is proud to announce we've achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rating and won two awards from FinancesOnline!

At Jostle, we’re on a mission to make workplaces extraordinary. Our new kind of intranet is a tool that focuses on people; its goal is to bring people together, bring out the best in them, and make entire companies shine in the process. We’re excited to report that our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. 

On the popular review site, FinancesOnline, the Jostle review is currently receiving a 95% user satisfaction rate. This number is generated by an algorithm that collates customer feedback from all over the web. We often get lovely feedback directly from our customers, but it’s extremely exciting to see such a high rate of satisfaction from a culmination of reviews.

Jostle was also featured by the platform’s experts as a leading collaboration software solution. As a mark of this good work, FinancesOnline recently recognized us with two awards:

  • Our first award is the 2017 Great User Experience Award. User experience is a matter that’s of utmost importance to us. We pay close attention to all elements of our design so the Jostle® intranet is easy to launch, use, and sustain.
  • Our second award is the 2017 Rising Star Award in their enterprise social networking software category. Well, we couldn’t be happier! We’re making good progress at Jostle - helping hundreds of companies around the world transform their workplaces through stronger employee engagement, culture, and communication.

We’re honoured to have received these awards as they recognize our dedication to our customers. With a little spring in our step, we'll continue to take strides on our journey to make more and more workplaces extraordinary!

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