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Internal communication takes root at Woodland Trust

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Internal communication takes root at Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust uses the Jostle intranet to improve communication, community, and culture throughout their organization.

Woodland Trust work to protect woodland and forests across Great Britain. A day in the life of their 450 staff members can vary wildly, from eight hours at a desk surrounded by 200 colleagues to a completely isolated day working from home and outdoors. With this highly dispersed workforce, they needed a tool to make multi-way communication simple, clear, and engaging regardless of staff location or job type. The Jostle® intranet is helping them achieve this.

The Jostle platform is an online space for sharing personal and professional news stories, where everyone can communicate across the organization and say abreast of company news. It’s bringing employees together from all over Britain, allowing them to get involved, communicate with one another, and generate a true workplace culture.

We recently spoke to Ian Teague, Head of IT, and Anne Lightowler, Head of HR, to find out how the Jostle intranet is helping Woodland Trust achieve their company goals. We’ve written a full case study that captures all the details. In summary, Woodland Trust use their intranet to:

  • Communicate formal and informal messages from leadership
  • Gain suggestions from staff for internal improvements
  • Track employee engagement and levels of readership
  • Improve communication and company culture across all offices
  • Generate a company culture that truly reflects their workforce
  • Onboard new staff effectively and provide them with a sense of company culture

The Jostle platform is playing an important role in engaging and aligning Woodland Trust’s workforce. Where the company once had a one-way flow of unengaging and out-of-date information, they now have dynamic internal communication and a vibrant, real-time online community.


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