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Five for Friday: Transparency

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Five for Friday: Transparency

This Five for Friday focuses on the importance of transparency in the workplace.

As the landscape of work changes, the desire for transparent companies has become clearer. Employees, clients, stakeholders, and board members want to know more, more than ever before. If you've previously dismissed "transparency" as a workplace buzzword, maybe it's time to look up and reassess. This week's Five for Friday highlights real-life examples, studies, and the best practices of transparency.

  1. Five ways that five different companies are succeeding with transparency from @Entrepreneur.
  2. @chelseasegal shows us what transparency looks like in a startup via @coxbusiness.
  3. @Forbes explains why transparency is good for business as well as your people.
  4. real-life example of what workplace transparency looks like at @creditkarma from @kennethlin.
  5. How to remain outwardly transparent in your marketing efforts from @mashable.

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Hannah Price

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