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Hawaii State Federal Credit Union is ‘Always right by you.’

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Hawaii State Federal Credit Union is ‘Always right by you.’

How Hawaii State Federal Credit Union lived their brand promise and united their organization with the help of Jostle.

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union (HSFCU) is not like a conventional bank. And they don’t have a conventional approach to how they craft and live their culture. We recently explored their culture-building journey and captured their story. Here’s a brief summary of how it unfolded.

The more than 75-year-old organization had outgrown its brand, its offices, and its internal communications tools. Though their operation was larger than ever with 90,000 customers (called “members”) and 260 staff, HSFCU’s people were feeling fragmented, and its culture was undefined.

HSFCU’s CEO Andrew Rosen realized that the solution to all of these problems was to focus on their employees. With the help of an external branding agency, HSFCU developed a vision for the next phase of their growth. HSFCU wanted to unite their staff around the idea of doing the right things for their members and for one another. Their efforts led to a bold new tagline: ‘Always right by you.’

“‘Always right by you.’ had the double meaning of being right there by your side, and always doing the right thing for you. That was what we wanted it to mean to our members and our employees.”

Allison M.C. Maertens, Marketing Director

HSFCU needed to bring the sentiment, commitment, and transparency behind this new tagline into the daily interactions amongst employees and leadership. The problem was they had no place for this to happen as their current internal communications tools couldn’t support engagement, dialog or real-time information sharing. They knew they needed something powerful to replace their outdated SharePoint bulletin board, static staff directories, and failing company-wide emails.

HSFCU quickly launched a new Jostle® intranet. They announced the arrival of the new platform with three funny and clever videos to highlight the key benefits. It wasn’t long before nearly all of their employees were using the intranet regularly and enthusiastically. A year after their launch, HSFCU has 84% of its employees using it weekly and 94% monthly.

The Jostle platform has helped HSFCU live their brand promise inside their organization and keep that same promise to their members. It has allowed employees to find and get to know one another, recognize each other’s great work, and share what’s going on in a fresh and exciting way. And it’s created a new culture of member support and service. HSFCU is now a well-connected organization of employees who are always right by one another – and their members – in a unified way. Read the full case study to see why we’re so proud to be part of it! 


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