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Five for Friday: Play at work

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Five for Friday: Play at work

Studies show that play in the workplace has a positive impact on your people's engagement and overall culture. Just look at The Office.

“I do play games. I sing and I dangle things in front of my cats. I play lots of games. Just not at work.”

-Angela, "The Office"

In one memorable episode of “The Office” (US), the group takes advantage of Michael and Dwight’s absence by creating and competing in the Dunder Mifflin Olympics. It’s a rare moment when (nearly) everyone comes together to play ridiculous paper-product-themed games together. In addition to being one of the best episodes of the series, it also does a great job of showcasing how play at work can connect teams and bring out the best qualities in your people.

Today’s Five for Friday rounds up articles that explain why play in the workplace is actually beneficial to organizations, including their culture, engagement levels, and more. Take a look (and don’t be an Angela)!

1. The Associate of Psychological Science sums up a study showing that teams that play together exhibit increased trust, bonding and social interaction, sense of solidarity, and a decreased sense of hierarchy.

2. @KCarCFH makes a compelling argument for how giving people an hour a day to work or play on whatever they want makes for loyal and productive workers.

3. Writing in LifeHack @timaldiss explains how harnessing the power of play has a profound impact on your company culture.

4. @CultureAmp drops a massive list of games to play at work.

5. Today profiles companies like Contently who are incorporating elements of play to create an environment of psychological safety in the workplace.

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