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Five for Friday: Passion for work

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Five for Friday: Passion for work

This week's Five for Friday looks at how to find, embrace, and sustain passion for work.

According to research by Deloitte, almost 88% of the American workforce is lacking passion for their work. That's astonishing. It should make organizations and workers take stock immediately. Passionate employees drive sustained performance with their resilience and energy. They also look for new challenges and keep learning. So how can workplaces and employees find and keep this passion for work? Read on for some helpful advice in today's Five for Friday.

  1. @Officevibe explains why passion for work is more important than engagement (and digests the aforementioned @DeloitteInsight research nicely!)
  2. Need to reawaken your passion for work? Tips for when and how to do so from @HarvardBiz.
  3. Create a passionate work culture with these eight rules from @Alofs via @FastCompany.
  4. @80000Hours says to find work you love, don't (always) follow your passion.
  5. Our CEO @JostleBrad shares his passion for work in this podcast with @TheResumeFilter.

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