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Five for Friday: Feb 26, 2016 / Leadership & employee engagement

Posted by Bev Attfield | 1 min read


Leadership and employee engagement – they’re tightly connected. Here are five articles that look at this connection from different points of view:

  1. It's true. More engagement means more profit. (@AnitaPansari / Dr V Kumar)
  2. Employee communication is critical during a crisis. (@LOMBARDI_GLORIA)
  3. Common mistakes that prevent honest employee feedback. (@MikeLehrOZA)
  4. Leadership is a team player role. Shifting from “I” to “We” leadership. (@MeghanMBiro)
  5. The “no jerks” rule is especially true for bosses. (@Envisia)


Five for Friday is a weekly snapshot of ideas, research, and leading thinking around the web on the topics of corporate culture, internal communication, employee engagement, teamwork, and building better workplaces. Share, connect, and enjoy!

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