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Five for Friday: Leaders at work

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Five for Friday: Leaders at work

This week's Five for Friday has real-life examples of leaders overcoming communication challenges within their organizations.

Being a leader isn't easy. Even if you've got the natural flair and communication skills, there are often challenges to overcome: dispersed offices, siloed teams, misaligned company culture. That's why we're focusing this Five for Friday on real leaders who are tackling these challenges head on. Here's the inside scoop from five of our customers who are finalists in the year's Jostle Awards:

  1. Century Group: Recognizing a need for change is hard, but making it happen is even harder. When real-estate company, Century Group, decided to move from traditional means of communication to connecting via an online platform, their leadership took active ownership in the transition. They've worked as a united team to support campaigns, events, and training sessions, and simply be visible as leaders during and after the transition.

  2. Ivie & Associates: Leaders at this fast-growing marketing and advertising service company are using regular communication to maintain productivity, engagement, and performance across their dispersed team. Their leaders give weekly themed updates on both company and recreational topics via their Jostle® intranet.

  3. Morgan McKinley: As a global recruitment agency that covers four geographic regions across the globe, Morgan McKinley relies heavily on leaders to drive business growth, close geographic gaps, and engage employees. They're using video extensively to provide corporate updates, interview employees, capture team events, and promote corporate social responsibility initiatives.

  4. District of Lake Country: Aligning a diverse group of employees in a municipal environment is no easy feat. Leadership at District of Lake Country starts with the view that everyone is a leader. They're making information available to everyone and creating channels for feedback with the use of their Jostle intranet. 

  5. Elevate LLC: Staff at grant writing firm Elevate LLC were longing for information about the organization and its decisions. Elevate’s CEO responded accordingly. She now provides weekly updates that range from celebrations, to new customer information, to policy and procedure information. Elevate are using their Jostle intranet to be transparent and approachable, which has proved invaluable to engaging and involving all employees.


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Hannah Price

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