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Five for Friday: Intranet innovations
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Five for Friday: Intranet innovations

This week's Five for Friday has inspiring examples of how to make the most of an intranet to solve key business challenges.

Are you making the most of your intranet to solve pressing organizational problems? If not, this article is for you. In this week's Five for Friday, we're spotlighting five of our customers who are innovatively using the Jostle® intranet to overcome their unique business challenges. 

  1. CCV Insurance were looking for a way to manage their projects without investing in an additional tool. They needed a solution for multiple teams, in multiple locations, working on a diverse range of projects. They experimented with the DISCUSSIONS view in their Jostle platform and were delighted to discover that it fit the bill! Having access to this information on Mobile was the cherry on the top!

  2. Cottsway Housing Association wanted to improve company-wide visibility of news and information, outside of departmental content. They decided to take a different approach with their NEWS Articles. By adding a cliff-hanger title, they’ve been able to capture the attention of their audience and have seen an increase in engagement. Coupling the headline with a fun or interesting image has sent their readership through the roof!

  3. Health Education England needed to get the right information to the right people at the right time. They’re using their intranet as an information hub to allow geographically dispersed groups of educationalists, genomics professionals, and universities to communicate effectively. In a resource challenged environment, this approach has reduced costs and time pressures.

  4. How do you raise awareness about Learning & Development opportunities when you have over 1,000 employees? McFarland Clinic decided to leverage the EVENTS view in their Jostle intranet to do just that. All courses are listed and managed within EVENTS, exposing topics and details to staff across the organization. Employees can see how many seats are left, download a course flyer, and click through to registration.

  5. Woodland Trust is developing a program of continuous learning. It’s important for them to reinforce both awareness campaigns and formal classroom training sessions that have taken place. They turned to the Poll feature in their Jostle platform to achieve this. Participants respond to a series of quiz questions which helps cement learning and exposes additional information when individuals search for answers to the questions in the Jostle LIBRARY. 


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