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Five for Friday: Finding good managers

Posted by Hannah Price | 1 min read


Good managers are hard to come by. Exceptional managers are like gold dust. And it's no wonder why, when you consider all of the "hats" they have to wear; inspiring leader, approachable mentor, respectable colleague, organized planner, disciplinary boss. The list goes on. So, how do you identify a great potential manager? Who, and who not, to promote? This week's Five for Friday will help you answer those questions and more. 

  1. Here are seven tips for hiring a great management team from @StartupGrind
  2. Promoting your star performers to managers? @Gallup explains why this isn't the best idea. 
  3. @Inc shows us how make life easier: hire a hiring manager
  4. But, @Forbes warn of 11 tricks that a hiring manager may use in your interview.
  5. Do you even need to hire a manager? @Workopolis provides us with three telltale signs.

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