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Five for Friday: Employee experience

1 min read

Five for Friday: Employee experience

If you want happy customers, start with happy employees. Find out how a good employee experience impacts the customer experience.

Employee experience is the new workplace buzzword. It's all about how employees experience their time at work and the interactions with their organization. It looks at this experience holistically, and it's something to watch out for. Here are five articles that explore the concept of employee experience and offer some sound advice. 

  1. @annettefranz begins her article on employee experience with the employer brand
  2. @TsunamiLeader explains why AirBnB’s Chief HR Officer became the new Chief Employee Experience Officer.
  3. @GPTW_UK has an in-depth report on all things related to the employee experience. 
  4. @DU_Press explores the trends of employee experience and offers advice for the future. 
  5. @Causecast offers an introduction to employee experience and some great tips. 


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Hannah Price

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