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Five for Friday: Delegation
Illustration by Justin Alm

1 min read

Five for Friday: Delegation

In this week's Five for Friday we've got top tips on how, when, and why to delegate!

Delegation is a fine art. If you're a manager, you probably know that. Don't do it enough, and you'll be robbing your team of a chance to learn. If you do it too much, your team will be overburdened. If you get it just right, your team will flourish and you'll have enough time to actually do your job. Here are five articles to help you strike the balance. 

  1. Learn the dos and don'ts of delegation from @FastCompany.
  2. @SHRM says you must delegate if you want your employees to grow!
  3. Think you're a delegation rock star? Take the quiz from @Mind_Tools.
  4. Stop your boss from hogging the work with this great @Quora answer.
  5. @AlGetler explains what happens if you don't delegate. (Spoiler: it's not good!) 

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Hannah Price

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