10 best employee communication software in 2023

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10 best employee communication software in 2023
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Business today runs quicker than ever, so fostering a strong employee connection is a must. It's a well-established reality that when team members feel included in detailed workplace communication, their productivity soars. 

In fact, it has been shown that employees who experience this sense of community are five times more likely to report increased productivity.

But here's the catch: achieving this level of connectivity and communication efficiency isn't always easy, especially in larger organizations or remote work settings. That's where the right tools come into play.

In this guide, we'll cut through the clutter and introduce you to the best employee communication software options available today. These tools can make all the difference in streamlining your internal communication processes, enhancing collaboration, and ultimately boosting productivity within your organization.

If you're ready to equip your team with the tools they need to excel in today's dynamic work environment, then you're in the right place. Let's get started.

Criteria for evaluating communication software

Effective communication within a company is the backbone of a well-oiled machine. It keeps everyone aligned, informed, and working together toward common goals.

But in this digital age, achieving seamless communication isn't just about meetings and memos - it's about choosing the right software that aligns with your organization's unique needs.

When it comes to evaluating employee communication software, here are some key criteria to keep in mind:


The first rule of thumb is that it should be easy to use. Unfortunately, half of all employees are unhappy at work because of the software they use. Whether your team members are tech-savvy or just getting comfortable with digital tools, the software should have a user-friendly interface that doesn't leave anyone feeling lost.

After all, effective communication tools should bring people closer, not create barriers.

Integration with other tools

Communication doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's part of a larger workflow.

Look for software that plays nicely with the other tools your team relies on, such as your project management software, email clients, or any other essential applications. Seamless integration saves time and streamlines the way your team operates.

Security and compliance

Today's world is data-driven, so security cannot be overlooked. Your communication software should prioritize data protection and comply with any industry-specific regulations or laws applicable to your business. You don't want your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Mobile accessibility

Around 85% of Americans now own a smartphone, so your employees will need the flexibility to access communication tools on their smartphones or tablets. 

Remote team management becomes a breeze and ensures discussions and updates can happen anytime, anywhere. After all, great ideas don't always wait for you to be at your desk.

Customization options

Every company is unique in its communication needs. Look for software that offers customization options, allowing you to tailor it to your company's specific requirements.

Whether it's adapting communication channels, setting up unique user roles, or customizing notifications, flexibility makes all the difference.

Top 10 best employee communication software

When choosing the best employee communication software for your business, there are many options to consider. Here are the top 10 employee communication software options, along with their features and benefits:

1. Jostle

Jostle stands out as an all-in-one communications hub. It ensures that your vital messages reach their destination without cluttering inboxes or spreading across multiple tools.

What sets Jostle apart is its "employee success platform" that unites your entire organization in one convenient space. It's not just a modern intranet; it's a platform designed to boost engagement, enablement, and celebration across your business. With Jostle, everyone can quickly find what they need, focus on what matters, and share success stories together anytime, anywhere.


  • Intuitive design
  • excellent event management
  • user-friendly navigation
  • complete content ownership without IT involvement
  • content targeting for relevance.

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2. Haiilo


As an employee communications platform, Haiilo empowers your entire workforce, enhancing engagement and productivity. Its user-friendliness and exceptional design make it easy for every employee to actively share their stories.

What's interesting is that Haiilo doesn't confine knowledge to one place; it offers various formats for sharing experiences and stories, along with multimedia knowledge hubs, document libraries, and wikis.


  • Ease of use
  • Quality support
  • Ease of setup


  • Dated UI
  • Occasional API issues

3. Staffbase


Staffbase targets large, distributed organizations with its mobile-first employee communication platform. It allows internal communicators to reach every employee through channels like news, mobile magazines, chat rooms, and surveys. The platform offers analytics and reports to identify communication opportunities and demonstrate the impact of your work to stakeholders.

Pros: Ideal for a mobile-first intranet; excellent customer service experience.

Cons: Backend structure can be unintuitive; connecting different organizations can be challenging; User management and invitations could be more intuitive.

4. ClickUp


ClickUp is an all-in-one communication tool suitable for freelancers, teams, and businesses across industries. It simplifies feedback, communication, and collaboration on a single screen. ClickUp's feature-rich experience and collaboration tools help align teams of any size on goals, updates, and processes.


  • Easy to use
  • Ability to invite guests for free
  • Great technical support.


  • Can be overly complex for individual needs
  • Occasional app hiccups.

5. Slack


You may have heard of Slack. This popular business communication app is known for organizing team projects and facilitating team member communication. It offers chat rooms for project organization, instant messaging, and direct messaging to specific team members.


  • Create channels for different purposes
  • Easy sharing within teams


  • Notification management can be challenging
  • Overwhelming and distracting

6. Workvivo


Workvivo is an employee experience platform designed for internal communication and engagement. It brings company culture to life digitally, making everyone feel included, appreciated, and engaged, regardless of their location.


  • Frequent news feed updates
  • Excellent mobile app


  • Interface can feel a bit disorganized
  • Reminders can be intrusive

7. Connecteam


With its focus on remote teams, Connecteam simplifies employee management, communication, and collaboration. Its user-friendly interface requires minimal training, and it offers a wide range of features.


  • Optimized for remote teams
  • Highly customizable with a friendly UI


  • Requires upgrades for advanced features
  • Pricing can be expensive for smaller teams

8. Stack Overflow


With its proven platform that is most commonly trusted among developers, Stack Overflow is a knowledge management software that stores essential company information and answers to common questions that can be accessible to anyone. It helps streamline processes related to information sharing and document editing.


  • Excellent knowledge source
  • Free for up to 50 teammates.


  • Overlapping questions can make navigation challenging
  • Unintuitive UI
  • Some features require a paid subscription

9. Monday


monday.com is primarily a workflow tool but offers HR features, particularly in internal communications and collaboration. It enhances work visibility and team collaboration, improving overall performance.


  • Great UI
  • Suitable for project management


  • Frequent email notifications
  • Customer service issues

10. Simpplr


Simpplr is designed for enterprise and medium-sized organizations looking to improve employee communications and engagement. It fosters connections, communication, and bonds with employees while providing administrators with real-time insights.


  • Clean UI
  • Ease of use
  • Suitable for businesses with larger teams


  • Lacks native calendars
  • On the pricier side


As the workplace communication landscape evolves, these top employee communication software solutions offer a diverse array of features and capabilities. Choosing the right employee communication software shouldn’t just be any tool, but a place where everyone gathers to succeed together

Regardless of whether you prioritize user-friendliness, mobile accessibility, customization, or integration with other tools, these feature-rich tools are ready to accelerate your organization's success.


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