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Driving leadership with an intranet
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Driving leadership with an intranet

Learn how four very different companies drive leadership using an intranet.

Developments in cloud-based technologies have enabled business leaders to connect, collaborate, and demonstrate leadership to their employees in new and exciting ways. A powerful cloud-based intranet like Jostle’s People Engagement® platform helps leaders have an organization-wide voice, bridging physical distance and connecting employees with a collaborative and people-centric approach.

In our annual Jostle Awards we have a category dedicated to celebrating leaders who have taken initiative and recognized the value of an engaged workforce.

Our Finalists in the Executive/Leadership Excellence category are using their Jostle® intranets to demonstrate exemplary leadership and commitment to bettering their workplaces. Read on to learn how they’re achieving this in four very different ways.

A commitment to unify the organization

Universal Technical Resource Services Inc. (UTRS) provides a wide range of engineering, management, and computer services to the public and private sectors around the United States. UTRS’ employees are dispersed around the country, which led Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Marc Snyderman, to take the initiative to unify the company’s departments. Marc is dedicated to putting UTRS employees first and finding a way to connect them on a common level.

After selecting the Jostle intranet as his tool to accomplish this goal, Marc spent many after-work hours learning the ins and outs of the platform to make sure everything was running smoothly before launch. He also organized two separate Jostle launch parties, complete with a live stream of the company’s cross-country offices, to join in on launch day fun.

Marc uses Jostle EVENTS to bring employees together with philanthropy by posting about and promoting company-wide fundraising activities. Marc leveraged the new intranet to show his deep commitment and dedication to bettering his organization, showing stellar leadership skills in the process.


Targeted and conversational internal communications

Sodexo USA is a quality of life services company that provides an array of on-site and remote services for corporations, students, and seniors. In late 2014, Sodexo USA management identified communication and overall engagement to be an issue within their Culinary Solutions Team.

After identifying, purchasing, and launching Jostle within one week, Senior Vice President, John Wright, started to initiate conversations on the platform. The more John communicated with the Culinary Solutions Team, the more overall employee engagement on the platform increased. Along with his regular conversations on the Jostle intranet, John also posts “The Week Ahead” update every Monday to inform the entire team of the tasks and events in store for the week.

John’s deep commitment to engaging and interacting with employees on the intranet has had some pretty amazing repercussions. For example, John’s leadership on the platform resulted in a one-on-one conversation with an hourly wage employee, which would never have occurred or even been possible without the help of this technology.


Storytelling to increase engagement

Maxxium UK is a Scottish premium spirits company, with a workforce that’s passionate about creating quality mixed drinks and cocktails. The executive team at Maxxium uses the Jostle intranet to support business initiatives that promote employee engagement and participation.

With the launch of their Jostle intranet, Maxxium’s Managing Director, Mark Riley, took some creative license and made his first video blog, or “vlog,” to share on the intranet. Mark regularly posts these vlogs, ensuring a steady flow of fresh content and encouraging high levels of engagement with the platform, with its current rate at over 90%.

When leaders like Mark take the time to create fresh, interesting internal communications content, their dedication to the organization can both inspire and engage employees.

“DISCUSSIONS [in the Jostle intranet] has really helped to embed our 'one team' culture - to the great delight of our Executive team.”

Elaine Bannerman, Communications Manager, Maxxium UK Limited

A global approach to building workplace culture

Morgan McKinley is a global recruitment agency with offices in the UK, Ireland, and the Asia and Pacific region (APAC). Morgan McKinley uses their Jostle intranet to unify their culture and communicate with and engage their global workforce. Two C-Level executives at two opposite ends of the earth make the most of the company’s Jostle intranet to bring this international organization together in fun and exciting ways.

Global COO, Ger Fitzgerald, launched his “Ger meets” interview series. Ger conducts interviews with a cross-section of Morgan McKinley employees in various positions and from different regions to hear their stories of success. Ger’s videos demonstrate that anything is possible and shows how a simple idea can have great impact.

Richie Holliday, COO for APAC, also maintains a highly active profile on the Jostle platform. Richie regularly posts articles in the platform’s NEWS section, with topics ranging from quarterly business updates to sharing news of line dances in the Hong Kong office to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Richie and Ger’s unwavering personal contributions to their company intranet bridge the distance separating their employees. They’re committed to building a unified company that recognizes global cultural diversity while celebrating their common ground.


Leading with technology

The leaders from the organizations mentioned above consistently go the extra mile with their Jostle intranets, demonstrating initiative, dedication, and commitment to making their companies a better place for everyone. Cloud-based technologies like the Jostle intranet have helped these leaders connect with their employees in ways that were considered impossible just a few short years ago.

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