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Bridging the Engagement Gap: an ebook

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Bridging the Engagement Gap: an ebook

We researched the topic of employee engagement and compiled the findings into a simple, easy-to-follow ebook called Bridging the Engagement Gap.

At Jostle we know that employee engagement is one of the key factors involved in creating happy, healthy workplaces. We also know that there are many questions surrounding the topic of employee engagement. What instigates it? What impacts it? What can we do in the workplace to promote, achieve, and celebrate it?

To answer some of these questions, we worked with Brian Solis, a known author and analyst in the field. We got more than 300 executives and employees to tell us about their employee engagement experiences. Our investigation uncovered some really interesting findings that we published in a white paper.

Turns out, employee engagement is something that can be quantified and measured. It also turns out there's a pretty huge gap, an Engagement Gap, in many workplaces. The Engagement Gap is the massive discrepancy between how executives feel about employee engagement and how employees feel about it. 

Our research also uncovered four key factors highly correlated with employee engagement:

  • Respect for leadership
  • Pride in working for your company
  • A positive company culture
  • Belief that your work matters

In order to make these findings as useful to you as possible, we’ve consolidated the material into a handy ebook called Bridging the Engagement Gap. Here we take a closer look at these four factors, and offer practical advice on how to close the gap. The ebook has simple, actionable strategies to build engagement and take the right actions to create a healthy and happy workplace culture. We hope this resource will help you think about the issue of employee engagement more clearly, and make your workplace better today.

Close the Engagement Gap today!

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Bev Attfield

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