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Bev Attfield appointed as Jostle’s Principal of Workplace Science

By Corey Moseley

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Bev Attfield appointed as Jostle’s Principal of Workplace Science

Vancouver, Canada (September 6, 2019): At Jostle we’ve crafted our intranet to simplify working life for every employee and support the growth of organizations around the world. This requires a deep understanding of what makes workplaces actually work, and what creates incredible experiences for people at work.

That’s why we’ve appointed Bev Attfield as our Principal of Workplace Science. Bev is dedicated to exploring, embracing, instigating, and sharing the smartest workplace practices, so that every person can simply do their best work in the most supportive environment.

We’re pioneering a new approach to helping employees connect, align, and be informed. As Principal of Workplace Science, Bev will help us achieve this by expanding our outreach and increasing and sharing our knowledge of workplace matters such as culture, leadership, teamwork, and engagement.

“To effect change we must lead change. Thus we need to understand and contribute to the evolving body of knowledge regarding how employees engage at work and what makes organizations strong. Bev’s new position at Jostle will ensure that we remain at the leading edge of developments in people and organizational happiness,” remarked Brad Palmer, CEO and co-founder of Jostle.

Bev has been part of the Jostle team for over four years, leading brand, employee, and customer experience. She transitions to her new role with immediate effect. As a previous customer of Jostle, Bev understands the impact of elegant technology on the day to day lives of employees.

“Workplaces are growing more complex by the day. At the same time the emphasis on the human experience at work is more persistent than ever before. Gaining a deeper understanding of what people need at work will help us get closer to creating work environments that are good for people and for business,” commented Bev Attfield.

About Bev Attfield

Bev cares about the experience people have at work, and the role that leaders play in purposefully crafting engaging environments for people to flourish. Over the course of her career, Bev has paid close attention to the way people engage at work, and is curious about what creates the optimal conditions for individual fulfilment and unique workplace cultures. Bev holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Psychology and an Executive MBA. When she’s not in the workplace laboratory, Bev's running for the fun of it, learning to meditate or sharpening her Bananagrams skills.

Bev is a regular contributor to the Jostle blog and host of the People at Work podcast. Find Bev on LinkedIn or via email.


Corey Moseley

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