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A conversation about the Engagement Gap with ICology
Illustration by Justin Alm

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A conversation about the Engagement Gap with ICology

A podcast about the Engagement Gap white paper and what leaders and internal communicators can do to get greater levels of engagement.

At Jostle we know that employee engagement is one of the key factors involved in creating happy, healthy workplaces. We also know that there are many questions surrounding the topic of employee engagement. What instigates it? What impacts it? What can we do in the workplace to promote, achieve, and celebrate it?

To answer some of these questions, we worked with Brian Solis, a known author and analyst in the field. We got more than 300 executives and employees to tell us about their employee engagement experiences. Our investigation uncovered some really interesting findings that we published in a white paper.

I recently had the opportunity to explore our findings in a conversation with Chuck Gose, host of ICology - a podcast dedicated to interesting people doing interesting things in the world of internal communications. The full podcast is free to download and listen to.

The key disconnect that Chuck and I chatted about is that executives and employees have different views about employee engagement and the things organizations do to improve it. This is the result of what we call the Engagement Gap. During our conversation we delved into the state of engagement from this perspective and in particular, what our findings had to say about the impact on internal communications.

So what can be done about the Engagement Gap? During the podcast, Chuck and I chatted about steps that leaders and internal communicators can take to overcome this disconnect. Much of what we talked about is captured in a new ebook that we recently published as a partner piece to the white paper. It’s called Bridging the Engagement Gap. It takes a closer look at four key drivers of engagement that we discovered through our research:

  • Respect for leadership
  • Pride in working for your company
  • A positive company culture
  • Belief that your work matters

The ebook offers practical advice on how to close the gap with simple, actionable strategies to build engagement and take the right actions to create a healthy and happy workplace culture.

Thank you Chuck Gose for the opportunity to share our findings and ideas about the Engagement Gap on the ICology podcast. I’d love your thoughts and feedback on how we can further bridge the gap and build better workplaces together. Reach out at bev@jostle.me or @JostleMe.


Need to close the Engagement Gap?

Download the ebook


Bev Attfield

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