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7 stage journey to a new intranet
Illustration by Noel Heaney

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7 stage journey to a new intranet

Our experience shows there are 7 stages to realize a new intranet. We take a humorous look at what is often a gruelling experience. If this journey feels familiar, let us take you swiftly from denial to success, and well on your way to a better workplace!


1. Denial

Our intranet works fine. People know where to find stuff if they have to. The Boston office doesn’t need to know what Toronto is doing. If employees want to know what leadership is doing, they should read the monthly newsletter we send out.


2. Anger

If only everyone in the company would just get with the program this would work. It’s not hard to use. I can use it! We’ve had this clunker for two years and spent a fortune on it and everyone is going to use it and love it. You aren’t engaged because you don’t want to be – don’t blame the tool!



3. Protest

I’ll put more time into it, I promise. We’ll update the content, fix the broken links. Maybe I can get IT to make it a little prettier. The upgrade is coming and it’s only another $40K. It’s worth the investment.




4. Depression

It’s awful. There’s no way to fix it. It’s the worst. Our employees don’t care. IT won’t budge. Execs say it’s our problem to fix. Employee engagement is at an all time low. Nobody trusts anything on our intranet – and I don’t blame them.


5. Acceptance

Well, there it is. We need a better employee communication plan and technology to connect all levels of the organization. We have to create community and build trust and pride in our company. We know what we need to do. We just have to figure out how.


6. Exploration

Wow. There’s lots of new stuff out there. It looks a LOT better than what we currently have. And we can get a great solution without waiting for IT resources, or spending tons of money on hardware.


7. Success

Jostle is our answer! It’s a radically better intranet. Cloud-based, turnkey, and so easy to use. The average participation rate for companies is 5x what traditional intranets achieve. We can launch in a week, and never look back.




Sound familiar? Our customers tell us time after time about their woes and frustrations as they move through these 7 stages to realize a new intranet.

We make the transition from denial to success ridiculously easy. Give up your old intranet today and jostle into a more vibrant, engaged, and happier organization.

Learn more at www.jostle.me


Bev Attfield

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