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7 reasons why you need a mobile intranet

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7 reasons why you need a mobile intranet

Seven compelling reasons why you need a mobile intranet.

The world is changing. It’s not a 9 to 5, chained-to-the-desk place anymore. With each passing year, workplaces have become more dispersed and workdays less defined. Now that work gets done everywhere, anytime, mobile-enabled intranets have become mission critical. 

For organizations, the challenge is keeping people connected and aligned as they work from different places, in different time zones. And, as the workplace becomes more technology enabled, ensuring that everyone has the same quick access to information and communications, particularly if they don’t work from a workstation.

For individuals, it’s about efficiently staying aware of workplace needs and happenings, while simultaneously living your personal life. It’s about making productive use of idle time and staying connected when you’re away from your place of work.

With all this in mind, here are seven reasons why you need a mobile intranet:

  1. Connect more than “knowledge workers”

    Workplace technology is created by people sitting at desks for people sitting at desks. If you’re a knowledge worker in an office the tools can work. For example, software developers live in their browser and need to message each other frequently. So Slack works well and connects their immediate team. But what about everyone else? How does everyone across the organization become connected and on the same page? How does leadership have a voice across the organization?

    Many people don’t have a reason to “chat” constantly. And they don’t work at a desk. They’re busy serving customers or making things on a production floor. For these folks, your mobile intranet can be essential. They can be messaged when something time-critical needs attention, and they can feel connected with the rest of the company when they have a moment to participate.

  2. Connect employees in the field

    Some of your employees get to venture out of the office. They’re selling your product to customers, overseeing the construction of your next building, attending a film shoot, or exhibiting at a trade show. These employees have special powers — they’re most connected to your customers and the outside world. They’re able to provide early feedback on a product introduction, or how the new project is proceeding. Their mobile device is the only way they can participate when out of office, sending back real time updates from the field.

    Field reports are particularly powerful when you have designers, engineers, and planners that have been conceiving something new that’s now finally being built. Pride and engagement soar when a site supervisor takes a few minutes to post a weekly progress photo from his phone.

  3. Be productive in the moment

    Mobile devices let you catch up and contribute from any location, at any time of day. From the bus stop, while walking between meetings, or when waiting for a doctor’s appointment. Mobile intranet software makes it easy to claim this “interstitial” time and make it productive.

  4. Never miss a notification

    Great intranets provide rich notifications. Checking on your notifications, and managing how and when you get notified, are key to being a productive intranet participant. There’s no better place to manage and process notifications than on your phone.

    And, if you’re someone who juggles a busy personal life with an intense job, it’s comforting to know that your phone will notify you in a way that’s tuned to what you need to know.

  5. Include those who dislike email

    Yup, the younger generations have been smart enough to avoid email. They don’t go there easily. Email notifications aren’t going to wake this crowd up. Mobile notifications will. And for everyone else, what a great way to escape some email — after all, intranets provide a better experience on mobile (if you have the right platform).

  6. Include those who don’t have a laptop

    Surprise - young folks can’t afford a laptop. Often they have no reason for one. But they do have a phone, and they’re on it now. If your organization is BYOD, or you have employees that don’t use laptops, mobile is mission critical.

  7. Be ready for any emergency

    Something just happened. Was it an earthquake, or a hacker attack? In any case, your network is down. But your mobile intranet is up. During emergencies, a mobile intranet is more than just an alternate communication channel – it frees people from their desks so they can move to safety and help each other. Your mobile intranet will keep your team connected and, what’s more, that connection is familiar to them.

So, that’s it. Whether you’re looking to improve communication throughout a company or optimize time spent at work, a mobile intranet could be the answer. We think it’s mission critical.

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Brad Palmer

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