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5 ways cloud-based intranets win
Illustration by Justin Alm

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5 ways cloud-based intranets win

Considering a new intranet? If you're contemplating cloud-based versus on-premise solutions, here are 5 reasons why cloud-based intranets win.

Considering a new intranet? If you're contemplating cloud-based versus on-premise solutions, here are five reasons why cloud-based intranets beat the alternative hands down:

  1. Fast intranet deployment

    A turnkey, cloud-based intranet is fast to deploy. No servers to set up. No code to write. No gadgets to ponder. No templates to fight with. No consultants to hire. Just sign up and you’re ready to go, backed by a proven engagement process and expert support. Your new intranet can be live within a week.

  2. Mobile intranet access

    Mobile access to your intranet is critical. Catch up on the latest developments while you commute. Enable employees in the field. Connect employees who work from home. Cloud-based intranets allow you to start a conversation at your desktop and complete it on the fly.

  3. Secure intranet access

    Keeping your intranet secure and private is a complex, never-ending task. Leading cloud-based intranet providers are expert at keeping your site secure and backed up. They use certified and audited processes that ensure that operating system patches are in place and appropriate security practices are followed.

  4. Frees your IT from intranet maintenance

    Cloud-based means no software to install and update. Choosing a turnkey intranet will free up your IT staff to focus on your own business-critical systems. No servers to set up and maintain. No patches to implement. No gadgets to enable. No code to deploy. No backups to fuss with.

  5. Isolates your intranet from regulated business systems

    Need to keep your employee portal isolated from your business-critical systems? If you operate in a regulated sector like finance, investment, insurance, banking, or movie production, this can be a real challenge. Cloud-based intranets are a quick, secure, and effective solution.

Intranets implemented on Jostle’s cloud-based platform deliver employee intranet participation rates of over 85%. That’s 5X industry norms. We've yet to see an on-premise (or any other cloud-based) solution generate those levels of engagement. Can we show you how we do it?


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