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Five for Friday: Staying productive

Posted by Hannah Price in Clarity, Purpose

Productivity can be a fickle thing. One day, you're powering through your to-do list and it feels like nothing can phase you. The next day you're simply treading water and can't seem to get anything done. When you're doing the work you love but find your productivity dipping, you start experimenting with ways to boost it back up. At least, that's what we do. 

In this week's Five for Friday, we've got five productivity tips from our very own Jostlers. Here are five ways that we stay motivated and productive in the JostlePlex:

1. Switch it up

I'll often change what I’m working on. As a designer contributing on multiple teams with different types of tasks, I have the luxury of being able to jump from project to project. If I feel like I need a mental break, often just being able to use a different part of my brain going from designing interactions and flows to visual exploration is enough to kick-start my productivity.
- Elliot Mah, UX Designer

2. Have kids

I'm not kidding (#punny). I've become so much more productive since having my son. When you have a child, there's so much non-negotiable multi-tasking required. It's like you go into hyperdrive. I'm less overwhelmed and more productive than ever before! (I'm not alone in this either - check out this article.)
- Ramen Tegenfeldt, Sales Executive

3. Break it down

At Jostle, I have many inputs and needs to consider. My day can be consumed by notifications from Jostle, Trello, JIRA, Gitlabs, email, and face-to-face conversations in the Plex. At the start of my day, I pull the top 3 things I want to accomplish by end of day and write these 3 tasks in a plain text file. Sometimes this requires breaking down aspects of larger tasks into micro-tasks that I know that I can finish quickly. As I finish each micro-task, I strike it off the list. When I get through the first three, I add tasks 1-by-1 to the list and strike them off when they are completed. By EOD, I feel accomplished! 
- Justin Alm, UX Designer

4. List it (and listen)

I'm a huge fan of lists. By having full visibility to the things I have to get done, I find it easy and satisfying to sort and check things off my list. It also offers me a huge level of flexibility as my attention is often split between various tasks. Also, I like to listen to music or audiobooks I've already read as background noise. Having something light-hearted in the background keeps things a bit more entertaining as I make my way through my lists
- Yasmin El Debssi, Customer Success Manager

5. Begin again

I look at a task and try to understand why I'm procrastinating. It's generally one of two things: it's either boring (so then I question if it needs to get done/is important) or it's too complex. In the first situation, if it's boring but important, I try to start over. Usually I'm bored of a task because I've had it for a long time and it's become tedious, so I just think: "Alright, imagine I just got this task right now, where do I start?" It kind of shakes things off and gets me excited to work on it again. In the second situation, when the problem is too complex, I break it down into smaller pieces. Then I figure out where I need help or what I need to understand to move forward.
- Aiste Ulozaite, Java Developer

We hope these productivity tips have given you some new ideas on how to stay productive and motivated at work! Let us know if you've got any tips you'd like to share. 

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