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Spotlight feature: Org-wide Discussions


Direct Messages was added to the Discussions view to help make it easier to manage your ongoing one-on-one conversations. In much the same way, the Org-wide Category was added to help you do manage your company-wide Discussions.

“Org-wide” can be found directly below "Direct Messages" in the left column of the Discussions view. Any of your current and future Discussions that are set as Visible to > Everyone will now be found here (but will still appear with all other Discussions in the “All” Category).

Adding this new Category not only helps when you need to quickly navigate to an important organization-wide Discussion. It also helps to cut down on any confusion that may occur if you have any smaller Discussions that happen to share similar titles to organization-wide Discussions. I'll admit it, I’ve posted a Comment on a company-wide thread that only made sense to the four people I shared a Discussion with under a nearly identical title (awkward). So, any feature that helps avoid getting one of those dreaded “Umm…I think you posted in the wrong Discussion” replies is very welcome, indeed!

And the best thing about this new feature? You don’t have to enable, transfer or rename anything yourself. In fact, if you go to Discussions view right now and click on “Org-wide” in the left column, you’ll see all your Visible to > Everyone Discussions, nice and tidy and easy to find in their own dedicated Category.