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Library: “Recommended” for everyone


If you’ve ever gone into a library, you probably know the feeling – the one you get after looking around at the daunting amount of material before you. The one that makes you wonder “Where do I even start”?

It’s times like this when seeing a library’s “Recommended” list can be like a beacon of light cutting through a thick fog. Shining its spotlight on noted works of interest, a library’s “Recommended” list can help users easily navigate to its most popular pieces or quickly direct them to some need-to-know-NOW information.

So why not do the same for visitors to your Jostle platform's Library?

If you have required-reading information or some frequently-viewed files in your Library Volume, you can save your users plenty of searching time by tagging the documents as “Recommended”. Once selected, these items will bear a red “R” icon that’ll easily be noticed by anyone skimming through your volume.

Helping your users zero in on popular articles as well as calling out information they need to read will ensure that every visit they make to Library is a productive one.

So, not only is using “Recommended” an efficient way to manage your volume, but it’s also a great way to keep everyone properly informed and up-to-date with your organization and its policies and practices.

And it takes no time at all to do – just hover over any item in your volume and then click on the greyed-out "R" that appears in the column on the right. Boom! Items recommended, searches shortened, and users satisfied.