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Incorporate your intranet into your employee onboarding process


Your intranet is one of your organization’s most powerful tools, so it only makes sense to get your new employees acclimated to it as quickly as possible. An easy way to do this is to incorporate elements of your intranet right into your employee onboarding process. This way, your new hires can familiarize themselves with your organization and your intranet all at once (time-saving bonus points!).

Here are some suggestions on how you can double-up intranet orientation tasks with employee onboarding activities:


Get the ball rolling with some pre-onboarding action. Post an article in News to announce your new hires to the rest of your company. Once your new hires have settled in, have them write articles of their own to introduce themselves.

Employee processing/orientation

Begin onboarding by introducing your new hires to your Library and pointing them towards the Categories/Volumes where you’ve stored all your employee orientation material as well as your organization’s policies and procedures that will need to be accessed and reviewed as part of their onboarding.

Support system

Use Discussions to create one-on-one Discussions for new hires with mentors/peer supporters so they have someone they can contact directly with any questions or concerns throughout their onboarding. Have the mentors routinely check in on them via their Discussions to get your new hires familiar with Discussion use and management.

Interaction/knowledge building

Prepare a checklist of key people from different departments in your organization that your new hires should interview to help gain a further understanding of your business and its workflows. Have them begin by locating the interviewees in People and then initiating Direct Messages with them in order to set up meetings for the interviews.


And finally, give Shout-Outs in Activity to the new hires once they’ve completed their onboarding tasks and training. Nothing helps someone acclimate to a new environment like some well-deserved praise and recognition from their new peers!