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Customer Spotlight: Million Air Dallas

Million Air Dallas

We consider ourselves lucky to have an opportunity to work with such a diverse range of customers. From tech companies, to clinics and churches, to companies in unique industries like Million Air Dallas--a private jet service. 

The team at Million Air Dallas were our 2019 Jostle Award winners in the Innovative Use Case category. As their Champion, Cara Tolentino, explained:

Our company never closes and we have employees all over the map, literally, at any given time. With Jostle our employees can stay up-to-date on corporate happenings whether they're at their desk or at 30,000 feet, day or night. 

Here's how Million Air Dallas is using their Jostle platform for their unique business case:

  • They've made their employee platform a one-stop-shop, on desktop or mobile, to access anything from benefits to company events, all while moving projects along in Discussions (rather than email) and Tasks
  • They use Activity to support their Safety Management Program, posting daily updates on their consecutive safe days and reporting on safety hazard report remedies. 
  • They make use of the Working Groups & Committees sections in Teams to organize their people. Being visibly assigned to a Team helps them to truly feel like they are a part of something.
  • Leadership regularly posts sales updates in News to ensure that the whole company can see how they are doing. 

Cara credits Jostle for their company's sense of camaraderie; no easy feat with employees all over the world!