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Customer Spotlight: KF Aero

KF Aero

KF Aerospace (KF Aero) is one of Canada’s largest and most advanced aerospace companies, specializing in a wide range of aviation services. They offer aircraft maintenance and modifications, air cargo operations, aircraft leasing, and train pilots for the Royal Canadian Airforce.

Jostle customers since 2014, KF Aero always faced a unique challenge. Of their 1000+ employees, fewer than 200 work from a desk day-to-day. The remainder are skilled workers who commonly work in the hangars and don't access a computer regularly. 

For a long time, getting critical information from their Jostle platform to all employees was dependent on each location’s receptionist. Leadership would flag 5-10 articles of importance which would then be printed and dropped off in the lunchrooms. They needed a better (and more tree-friendly) way to get information into the hands of all employees. 

Enter JostleTV


The team at KF Aero were one of the pioneers of this Jostle feature. We asked them to share with us the changes they've seen since adding JostleTV, here's what they had to say: 

  1. Increased platform usage. While you might think you’d see fewer people logging into your employee platform when you begin streaming it to common areas, the opposite has proven to be true. More people are logging in when they see a topic they want to know more about, or when they see an Activity post celebrating a colleague’s birthday or work anniversary.
  2. Better-informed employees. Complaints about the lack of top-down information are now rare as Jostle helped deliver transparency. As they dedicate more time to refining their internal communication strategies, people are increasingly interested in what’s happening on their intranet. 
  3. Jostle, a mission critical platform. Some of the older staff at KF Aero used to see Jostle as “social media.” JostleTV helped adjust their perspective and see that their intranet is a source of vital company information. 

We also asked what advice they'd share with any Jostle customer considering adding JostleTV to their intranets. Their team advised you should be sure to communicate the upcoming change to your staff ahead of time. And don't forget to ask for staff feedback in the first weeks to see how the display screens are being received, if the content is relevant, and if the screens are in the right spots. (Consider putting the screens in a place where employees visit often.) Finally, and essential for any employee platform, is to have a solid content strategy to make sure new content is being shared and there’s a balance between the personal and business-focused content. 

You can read the full KF Aero story here.