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Customer Spotlight: Cota


Today we’re shining the spotlight on Cota Health and how they incorporated their Jostle platform into a company event. Cota is a non-profit organization based in Toronto, focused on supporting adults with mental health and cognitive difficulties, helping them live well in their communities! 

Each year Cota holds a Staff Recognition Event, and last year they wanted to make sure they brought their intranet into their celebration. Here’s how they did it:

  • Published the date and details for the celebration in Events, which ensured all the RSVPs were in one place. 
  • Published all key information leading up to the event in News.
  • Posted countdowns to the event in Activity to build anticipation.
  • Encouraged employees who were attending the event to take photos and share them in Activity using the tag #StaffRec2019. Employees who were on shift and couldn't attend were also encouraged to participate in the celebration via Activity with posts and comments of their own.
  • During the event, they projected screenshots of their Activity feed onto a screen so everyone could see the updates being shared. 

Their initiative around the event was a huge success. People across the organization were sharing moments from the night, even prompting some people to make their very first post on Jostle!