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Customer Spotlight: Butler Health

Butler Health

Butler Health has been meeting the healthcare needs of rural communities north of Pittsburgh since 1898 when they were just Butler Memorial Hospital. Now Butler Health comprises over 60 offsite locations and recently acquired another hospital. 

Prior to their Jostle platform, Butler Health had a static internal site, built and entirely run by their Manager of Infrastructure. Having only one person (who already wore multiple hats) in charge of the site quickly resulted in a bottleneck when it came to updating content. 

Butler Health knew they needed an intranet that could enable departments to create and publish their own content independently. However, they still wanted some form of content moderation to ensure information was only shared with the relevant audiences. They discovered that with the Jostle platform, they could do both. Here’s how they did it:

  1. Created a List Preset that only included their 5 News Editors.
  2. Created Reporter Groups of all relevant departments or project teams that would need to publish updates in News. These Reporter Groups could only publish content to the List Preset of News Editors. 
  3. News Editors then edit the articles to be visible to the correct audience, add any special article features (such as “Pin until read” or  “Feature in banner”), and re-publish the article (all while maintaining the original author). 

The team at Butler Health says that everyone loves that they can create their own content without any coding or customization knowledge. The process has been easy for everyone to understand. People know that even though they’re Reporters, an Editor needs to approve an article before it can be published (just like a traditional newspaper). And they also know that their content will always be placed in front of the right people!

Interested in reading the full Butler Health case study? Head here!