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Customer Spotlight: Armstrong Watson

Armstrong Watson

2020 was filled with unexpected challenges for all businesses and companies. And for Armstrong Watson, an accountancy and financial advisory firm in the United Kingdom, these challenges arrived at the same time as a complicated project. 

In 2020, Armstrong Watson was taking on their most significant technology change in ten years, as they prepared to move all their client files to a new document management system. This would also be the first time a massive change management project like this had to be done entirely remotely. This added an extra challenge for their technology team and their end-users. Here is how they used Jostle to support their strategy: 

  • In Activity, the project team invited staff to ask questions about the upcoming change.
  • In News, they broke down the change management process into eight steps and then published an article for each of the steps. This way, they delivered the information as bite-sized chunks, making it easier for others to understand. 
  • They continued to use News during the rollout, posting articles to keep employees up to date with the project and to share tips and tricks in using the new system.
  • In Library, a Volume was created to store all the up-to-date training materials for the new document management system. Teams continue to build on these as their processes change over time. 
  • Back in News, Polls were published so the project team could ensure these changes were understood and help inform their processes for future business changes


At the end of the complicated project that took place over one of the company’s busiest periods, the overwhelming feedback from staff was that they felt engaged, knew what was going on, and why the company was making the change. 

Are you using your Jostle platform to collaborate on a special work project or communicate a significant change? Let us know if you’d like to share your story!