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Celebrate the holidays with a festive campaign!

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As many long-time customers are aware, Jostle has been running festive campaigns in our own platform’s News every December for years now. And each year we would the share the content plan from our latest holiday-themed event with our customers, so that they could run it in their own Jostle platforms, as well.

Since then, we've gone from offering up a single, structured campaign each year to presenting a super-sized customer resource package that contains not only a template and content plan for a full campaign, but all of the ready-made content and images from ALL of our Jostlemas (2016-2018) and Festive Days (2019-current) campaigns, which customers can use to build their own customized campaigns!

And this year it's only gotten bigger!

This year's package (found here: Festive Campaign Customer Content ) includes:

  • the original Festive Days full campaign content plan (folder 01)
  • alternate content and artwork that can be swapped into the original Festive Days content plan and freshen it up so it can be run again (+ promo GIFs!)
  • tips to help get you started
  • sample campaign layouts (standard, short, and customized)
  • all the archived Jostlemas campaign content plans
  • an easy-reference guide to the best articles from each campaign
  • visual references of campaign articles
  • suggestions and alternate ideas for campaign activities
  • *NEW* for campaign veterans, we have Festive Days (2022 update), a new version of the original full campaign featuring all-new artwork and promo GIFs, some new, never-before-seen content, plus fresh takes on classic campaign articles. (folder 03)

The Festive Days campaign is designed to be easily customized, both in content and in length, so it’s the perfect template to use for mixing and matching content from previous years and/or recently added new content. It, along with the archived Jostlemas campaigns, are included in their own folders in the content package (and if you're a holiday campaign first-timer, the Festive Days (full campaign) content plan is ready-made and ready-to-go as is).

Just be sure to refer to the READ ME FIRST notice and the Tips, guides, and visual references folder within the package for all the pointers, ideas, examples, and tips to help you make a campaign that’s both festive and fun!