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7 easy ways to get involved


Our employee platform is all about breaking down communication barriers and representing every person who works here. That means you! There are plenty of easy ways to get involved in the company-wide conversation. Here are seven ideas to consider:

  1. Join in the conversation - Discussions are a great way to communicate and make decisions. You can use them for everything - organizing an event as a team, discussing a new project, or sharing news of what’s happening in our market.
  2. Comment on a News Article - It’s always great to receive comments and feedback. It steps up our dialogue and we learn a little bit more about each other.
  3. Write an Activity Update - Got something to share with the whole company? Use the Activity feed! This can be administrative - such as letting us know if you’re out of the office - or something informal and fun.
  4. Respond to an Activity Update - Having a transparent dialogue across the organization gives us a strong feeling of community. If you see something you want to respond to then go for it - click the return arrow and write your response!
  5. Give a Shout-Out - This is an extremely simple but effective way to recognize your peers. We all love to be acknowledged when we go the extra mile.  
  6. Wish someone Happy Birthday - There’s a reason this notification exists! It takes two seconds to respond to a birthday announcement on our Activity feed and shine a bit of light on someone’s day.
  7. Like it! - Maybe you don’t have anything to say in response to a post, Discussion comment or update, but want to your show appreciation. Simple - just ‘like’ a post by clicking on the heart symbol.

We hope this has inspired you to get involved in the communication that’s happening in our online hub. The key thing to remember is: if you see something that you like and want to respond to, do it! This is a space where everyone is welcome to contribute.