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Triple-down on 1:1 meetings: the most powerful way to connect two people at work

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Triple-down on 1:1 meetings: the most powerful way to connect two people at work

The basis of all relationships at work is the ability to connect. That’s why 1:1 meetings are the most important conversations that we can have at work.

1:1 meetings take skill, planning, and commitment, whether you’re communicating face to face or through a screen. And they’ve evolved a whole lot too.

This Conversations at Work event helped us all get the most out of these powerful moments, whether as managers or employees. We discussed the science behind 1:1 meetings, how everyone wins if these are done well, and how to adapt to different formats in the changing world of work.

Our guests were Jason Richmond, Founder and Chief Culture Officer of Ideal Outcomes, Inc, and Dr. Kim Cameron, William Russell Kelly Professor of Management & Organizations at the Ross School of Business at University of Michigan. They led us through what it means to have a 1:1 meeting that embraces two-way feedback, something that managers are adjusting to but many teammates are actually welcoming.

1:1s don’t just allow employees to feel heard. They help managers to take a closer look at each direct teammate’s personal life and well-being. We explored how 1:1s are an empowerment tool—it’s about connecting and being consistent, which builds trust in a relationship and fosters a true sense of belonging.  

We also talked about how authenticity and transparency are fundamental to connecting through 1:1s, as these meetings are especially for topics that you wouldn’t discuss in the open. What motivates you? What are you worried about and working on outside of work? If your questions can be asked through email or text, chances are your 1:1s can be saved for more personal questions.

If you want to learn more about the scientific research behind 1:1 meetings, as well as get ideas for starting points for conversation, tune into the recording below:


More about Conversations at Work

Whether you’re fully dispersed, remote-first, in the office or somewhere in between, conversation is what ties everyone together in your business. This bi-weekly virtual series opens space for dialog that leads to action in the pursuit of better workplaces. We’ll explore how conversation shapes culture, creates connection, and helps leaders lead. We all have a voice—let’s come together and then get to work.


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