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The "nest" best thing for Citizen Relations is Jostle

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The "nest" best thing for Citizen Relations is Jostle

Global communications agency, Citizen Relations, takes culture off the page and into real life with their new Jostle intranet. Here's a look at the motivation and early stages of their journey, and why Jostle is their "nest" big thing.


Culture is not a mission, a vision or values. Culture is your personal connection. You are part of a culture’s story, and it is part of yours.

Kristen Lisanti, Group Director, Talent, Citizen Relations US

When communications agency, Citizen Relations, saw their business transition from a group of dispersed, regional offices to a united global entity, they knew their culture was evolving too. They knew it was vital to take culture off the page and into real life: to connect each “Citizen” with the organization and vice versa.

To achieve this objective, Citizen Relations set about finding a mechanism to build, share, and celebrate their culture. Kristen Lisanti, Group Director for Talent, led the charge to find the right tool to facilitate connection, collaboration, and creativity across their growing global team.

After researching and testing more than a dozen alternatives, Citizen Relations selected Jostle’s People Engagement® platform for its vibrant news, conversation, and people-discovery capabilities, its user-friendly interface, and ease of implementation. The new Citizen Relations intranet is called “The Nest”. It’s the perfect analogy for a new home to nurture and sustain the firm’s evolving culture, and bring their core values and vision to life.


Launched in early September this year, The Nest is enjoying tremendous success already. Staff feedback has been very positive and engagement levels are exceptional. The Nest’s ability to centralize communication, and celebrate culture locally while staying connected to the firm’s global character, is proving to be incredibly beneficial.

We’re proud to partner with Citizen Relations. Our purpose is to make workplaces better. Every personal connection our platform can make to the broader Citizen Relations culture, is a success for us, and a big win for our customer. We’ll share more in-depth insights into The Nest’s progress in the coming months.

About Citizen Relations

Citizen Relations, a full-service marketing communications agency, is on a mission to be the most inspiring agency to work for and collaborate with. With offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Montreal among others, Citizen Relations provides its exceptional clients with boutique service on a global scale.

About Jostle

Jostle is on a quest to make workplaces happier and more productive with our radically better intranet. Jostle empowers leaders and employees to participate, communicate, and collaborate. We jostle in Vancouver, Canada and are wildly loved by our customers across the globe.

Bev Attfield

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