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The City of Waterloo’s Intranet Launch Video: Like a Valentine to their Entire Team

This video from the City of Waterloo is like a Valentine to their whole team.

There’s employee engagement, and then there is the true mutual respect and affection of a solid team. As enviable as that is in any organization, it gets very hard in a city government, where you have everyone from office staff to firefighters to the lifeguards at the community center. So, when the City of Waterloo launched their intranet, they made this thank you video. They went to the fire stations and the offices and the senior centers, and they made this simple, but very lovely and well crafted video. I’m guessing someone nearly went blind on the details of it.

This is not an “employee engagement” campaign. It is a touching and heartfelt Valentine to their entire team.

From our team to yours, we hope you have these moments of warmth as well. We are grateful for all of you who are part of our Jostle community. Thanks for these reminders of what it’s all about.

Happy Valentines Day!

Deb Lavoy

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