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Thanks, Jess for inventing on-boarding at Jostle

Where did Jostle get its first-class on-boarding process? Well, Jess had a lot to do with it...

IMG_2797 Jess's glitter


If you’re a customer of ours, you probably know Jessica Hollander. You’ve probably told her about your company and how it works. She’s probably helped you think through the best way for you to engage your organization. Based on the stats we see, its working.

Jess has been the embodiment of how Jostle thinks about our customers: as allies, and friends, and as generous, brave accomplices in our quest to make work a better place to be. Jess has probably sent you a t-shirt or a hand-written note, or an award, or maybe even a jar of glitter as a way to say that she thinks you’re magic.

She built our customer on-boarding process from a series of conversations to a proven methodology. She made it personal. And, she made it work.

Jess is moving on to her next adventure. She’s leaving behind a growing customer services organization that’s helping ever more people get started and then continue to build success year after year. In the last 6 months, we’ve quadrupled the size of the onboarding team and doubled our customer service team.

Every person on the team is committed to honoring the lessons each and every customer shares with us, and to build and sustain real customer relationships.

Thanks Jess for imprinting our marketing and customer success teams with your cheer, your affection, and your tremendous insight and intelligence. 

JessicaDanielle Jessica with customer Harris + Hoole
noelandjess Jess & Noel
louandjess Jess & Lou

Deb Lavoy

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