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Stronger internal communication for a deeper company culture at Century Group

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Stronger internal communication for a deeper company culture at Century Group

Find out how Century Group are enriching company culture with their Jostle platform.

Century Group is a mixed-use real estate development company that owns and manages a diverse portfolio of operating businesses. They employ over 400 people, whose work is just as varied as the properties they work in. They were facing a number of challenges when they went looking for an intranet.

These challenges included:

  • Multiple locations put a strain on communication: Due to the physical locations of the company, communication tended to be very siloed and site specific.
  • Onboarding required an update: As they grew, Century Group also discovered gaps in their onboarding process. Their teams were growing fast and they wanted a meticulous onboarding process.
  • Company culture initiative needed traction: Century Group's “Culture of Partnership” initiative, focused on finding more ways for employees to have influence over their work and input into the company, needed to reach people.

Century Group implemented the Jostle® intranet in 2015 and it's been helping them achieve these goals and overcome communication barriers ever since. You can check out the whole story in this full-length case study

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Hannah Price

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