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Jostle wins ‘Virtual Workspace Platform of the Year’ at 2021 Remote Tech Breakthrough Awards
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Jostle wins ‘Virtual Workspace Platform of the Year’ at 2021 Remote Tech Breakthrough Awards

Businesses have grown increasingly dependent on remote technology for collaboration—find out what made Jostle stand out from the crowd and win this coveted award!

The mission of the annual Remote Tech Breakthrough Awards program is to identify and evaluate the top technological solutions that support remote working. Over 1,600 nominations were received from over 15 countries worldwide for this year's program.

Jostle won Remote Tech Breakthrough’s 2021 Virtual Workspace Platform of the Year—recognizing the platform’s ease of use, quick implementation, and ability to optimize collaboration on the spot for remote and hybrid teams. Coming out of 2020, the world has realized how software plays an important part in team collaboration, communication, HR, and recruitment for remote workers. This year’s awards recognize the world's best technology solutions for a changed working world.

At Jostle, we’re always finding ways to take workforces from fragmented to connected. With the sudden onset of the pandemic, physical offices became redundant in a blink of an eye. We felt the struggle firsthand: it became harder to feel part of something without a physical place to meet.

Luckily, we had our product to support us and other workplaces during the hectic pivot to remote work and online collaboration. Not only does Jostle enable top-down communication, the platform also gives all employees a way to speak up, be heard, and be part of their company culture. 

“Regardless of where your people work now, technology is mission critical for connection and cohesion. I’m so proud that our intranet is helping so many companies enrich their virtual workspace and enable every person at work. To be recognized with this award, is the cherry on top!”

—Bev Attfield, Principal of Workplace Sciences at Jostle. 


Organizations that use Jostle hail from all industries worldwide, with company sizes ranging from 10 to 10,000. Our turnkey intranet allows companies to implement their new intranet quickly. With essential communications and onboarding turning digital, our intuitive product design enables existing teams and new hires alike to quickly learn and use our product.


Purpose-built, with room for customization 

Every Jostle feature is designed with a specific purpose in mind, like our shout-out feature that helps employees recognize their peers. Being turnkey means that Jostle is ready to use out-of-the-box. Our development team is constantly pushing out product updates, so customers don’t need to dedicate resources for intranet maintenance. Jostle also integrates with over 3,000 apps via Zapier, from file sharing to single sign-on (SSO)—organizations can adapt their intranet to sync up with their common tools and software mix.



Quick launches and dedicated support and care

Being turnkey means that new Jostle intranets can be up and running quickly. Our customer success team is keen on sharing the best employee engagement practices, helping with intranet launches, and keeping customers updated with our product improvements. We even have a customer resources blog that provides clear actions and advice to activate and use Jostle’s features and increase interaction and engagement.



Finding documents where they’re supposed to be

Library, our content repository, houses all the current policies, guidelines, and other pertinent information of an organization. That way, people aren’t scrambling to get the right document amongst a cluttered and messy company drive in the cloud.

Here’s a quick feature overview of Jostle’s platform:

  • News & Activity: The go-to place for important updates where leaders and employees can publish articles, share information, and get caught up on all of the latest happenings in their workplace.
  • Library: The one-stop-shop for any and all work-related documentation, forms, data policies, and so forth.
  • Discussions: The instant messaging hub, where all team chats, org-wide conversations, employee interest groups, and private messages live.
  • People: A visual employee directory to find collaborators via skills and position, or simply learn more about a coworker.
  • Teams: A dynamic org chart to help figure out who reports to whom, who does what, and see how your organization is structured.
  • Tasks: Assign and manage ongoing tasks with collaborators.
  • Mobile: Full access to our mobile app anywhere and anytime, so people can stay connected even when they're out in the field.

We’re so glad to have won this award alongside many other stellar brands. Although we miss chatting with our colleagues and friends in person, we’re so lucky to have our own product that helps us and our customers work remotely effectively. It’s the virtual HQ where everyone at work truly belongs.


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Faye Wai

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