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From player to leader with Will Devlin

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From player to leader with Will Devlin

Join in as Will Devlin walks us through the importance of shifting your mindset and old habits when going from being a player to a leader.

Rockstar individual contributors aren’t always the best leaders, yet they’re usually the ones who get promoted. So why is that transition from player to leader such a difficult one? Because it’s an entire mind-shift and you have to unlearn so many old habits.

Will Devlin from MessageGears has been through that transition and made it out the other side, but not without some speed bumps along the way. I had a candid chat with Will about why that transition is so difficult and what you can do to help prepare yourself for it. 

We also spoke about why it makes sense for marketing leaders to be a key driver of your internal company culture and why that culture is really the driving force behind your brand.

Give this episode a listen and learn from some of the mistakes Will and I have made along the way.  

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“Leadership is a mindset shift and you can't make that shift if you stay stuck in the weeds.”

Will Devlin

VP Marketing, MessageGears


A 17-year marketing veteran, Will is MessageGears' VP Marketing and has been focused on leading marketing and growing the company since 2014. Will is a huge fan of Atlanta sports, and spends most of his time doing sports and activities with his family.

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