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A family-friendly workplace is more than perks with Ula Mikus

By Dustin Tysick

2 min read

A family-friendly workplace is more than perks with Ula Mikus

Working parents want more time with their kids. As companies are starting to realize this, flex-time and parental leave options are on the rise. But historically employees who use these perks are viewed as less committed and are less likely to be promoted. It’s a catch-22.

Creating a family-friendly workplace starts from the top-down and it has to be woven into the fabric of your company culture. I spoke with Ula Mikus from Tinybeans about how they’ve managed to create a truly family-friendly workplace that is more than just perks.

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"We focus on the goals and we focus on what needs to get done. It's not the hours that you put in, we don't have punch cards.”

Ula headshot

Ula Mikus

Head of People and Happiness, Tinybeans


Ula is a people leader with a mindful and playful approach to work; devoted to inspire growth through self-awareness and acceptance. She doesn’t take life seriously and loves all living beings (except cockroaches and ghosts--they’re too scary).

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Tinybeans: LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Website

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Dustin Tysick

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