Leadership begins with a sense of self with Zina Sutch & Patrick Malone

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Leadership begins with a sense of self with Zina Sutch & Patrick Malone

Imagine you’re delivering a town hall presentation on Zoom to your entire organization. Now think what you’d do if a potato head filter appeared instead of your face. And try as you might, you can’t remove it.

Would you be flustered and embarrassed or would you embrace the moment to be a real person in a jam? A humble and vulnerable leader would accept the fate delivered by the Zoom gods and have a laugh, before proceeding with the presentation as a potato head. 

This is a real story shared by Zina Sutch and Patrick Malone on the latest episode of People at Work. The topic of conversation is a new era of leadership based on self-awareness and humility, stripping away ego, power, and titles to reveal human beings who happen to lead people. 

Once you’re able to connect with yourself first, you can then start to show concern, interest, and even love for those around you. Then you’ll tap into the bottomless well of creativity, problem solving, ideas, trust, and loyalty.

With deep insights from their book, “Leading with Love and Laughter”, Zina and Patrick make a strong case for heart-centred leadership for yourself and others. If you’re evolving as a leader in the context of the ever-changing world of work (who isn’t?), this conversation will get you well on your way.

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“​​Come back to who you are as a human being first.”

Dr. Zina Sutch 

Senior Executive Service, US Federal Government

Dr. Patrick Malone

Director - Key Executive Leadership Programs at American University


Zina Sutch has been leading development and diversity programs for the US Federal Government for 20 years, and currently serves in the Senior Executive Service. Patrick Malone spent 23 years in the Navy and served as an officer in the Medical Service Corps. Zina is a faculty member and Patrick is director of the Key Executive Leadership Programs at American University.

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Their new book: Leading with Love and Laughter: Letting Go and Getting Real at Work

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