Building a transformational culture with Shane Metcalf

By Dustin Tysick

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Building a transformational culture with Shane Metcalf

As the Co-founder of 15Five, Shane and his team support HR Executives with data-driven continuous performance management. 15Five has won numerous awards for their transformational company culture. 

If you’ve ever heard a friend or family member on a work call you may have noticed they have a “work voice.” A lot of people feel the need to sound more professional so they change their tone, sanitize their language a bit, and are a pared down version of themselves. All because they want to be seen as a professional.

But the reason for this might be because the company chooses to see their people as professionals first and humans second. It could be that they’re part of a transactional company culture and not a transformational one.

A transformational culture puts the human first and encourages them to bring their whole selves to work. Their own distinct views, values, and thoughts. And ultimately the goal of the company is to have each employee leave the company a better version of themselves than when they started. In turn, people will want to go that extra mile and will bring their own unique ideas to their work.

On this episode I spoke with Shane Metcalf from 15Five about why building a transformational culture is one of the most important things you can do for your people. We also spoke about his unconventional background for a tech founder and the new sabbatical program that they’re rolling out.

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“In a transactional culture you just go in for a paycheck. In a transformational culture you’re there for a purpose.”

Shane Metcalf

Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer, 15Five


Shane Metcalf is a keynote speaker on building a world class workplace and one of the world’s leading pioneers in the space of cultural engineering and positive psychology. His insights have been featured in Inc, Fast Company, Business Insider, Washington Post, Tech Crunch, and Bloomberg. 

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