Building a better organization with Robert Kohlhepp

By Dustin Tysick

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Building a better organization with Robert Kohlhepp

Very few people raise their hand and volunteer to do the tasks nobody else wants to do. But Robert Kohlhepp did just that. He started at Cintas 50 years ago with 60-odd employees and finished his career there with over 40,000 people. Robert has seen Cintas grow through its ups and downs, making his many years of experience and advice so much more valuable.

Robert believes establishing compatibility, facing conflict head-on, and being direct helps bring a company’s culture to life. Much like a marriage, a company’s principle objective, corporate characteristics, and management style need to be compatible with the individual in order to create value. 

Treating your customers and employees right while maintaining professionalism are some of the things that seem to be forgotten about in the midst of the constantly changing work environments. 

Listen on for some tips on the essentials of building an effective corporate culture and how to retain employees in this new world of work that we’re in. 

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“Don't avoid conflict, go after conflict, stare it right in the face and deal with it”

Robert Kohlhepp

Former Chairman, Cintas 


Robert J. Kohlhepp is the Retired Chairman of Cintas Corporation. He joined Cintas in July 1967 as controller. Over a span of 50 years with Cintas, he was promoted to positions of General Manager, Vice President and Treasurer, Executive Vice President, President, and CEO, then served as Vice-Chair and Board Chair until retiring in 2016. Additionally, Kohlhepp has served on several association, corporation, nonprofit, and university boards.

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