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The challenges and opportunities of hybrid work with Rachel Lanham

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The challenges and opportunities of hybrid work with Rachel Lanham

In this episode of People at Work, Rachel Lanham joins us to talk about what makes hybrid work hard and what could make it great.

Over at Voodle, there’s excitement about how short videos can create micro-connections for people who don’t work face to face. But that’s not all.

Voodle’s Chief Customer Officer, Rachel Lanham, is excited about the possibilities the new work landscape presents. She’s also curious about how to prepare for the transition to hybrid work.

So, the Voodle team asked 800 US technology workers what they’re thinking about. The result is a comprehensive “Hybrid Workplace Report” that details five big challenges in the transition to hybrid. All of these challenges relate to people and how they’re connected to each other.

Turns out maximizing an employee’s experience in the new normal means being open to new ideas about what culture is, how people are included, and the opportunities for new connection habits.

Tune it to hear Rachel speak on People at Work about what this research means for all of us. She also shares how she’s interpreting the data and implementing solutions for Voodle’s own people and culture. As Rachel says, employees are loose in the socket and ready to plug in somewhere else. Let’s listen and understand how to keep them.

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“Employees are loose in the socket. What will you do to keep them?”

Rachel Lanham

Chief Customer Officer, Voodle


Rachel has dedicated her career to solving big business problems with digital innovation and is currently obsessed with the promise of the future of work - a more flexible, inclusive, distributed, and human experience. Her home base is Seattle, WA but, born and raised in Southern California, she reserves the right to complain about the weather anyway.

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