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Social impact at work for greater good with Rachel Klausner

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Social impact at work for greater good with Rachel Klausner

In this episode of People at Work, Rachel Klausner joins us to talk about creating a positive social impact in your workplace.

Things are changing at work, and they’re changing fast. It’s not only the overnight shift to remote work that’s keeping leaders up at night.

It’s also the new landscape of employee-powered workplaces. Here, employees care about what their organization stands for and how it contributes to the greater good.

Rachel Klausner is so invested in the idea of social impact as a key driver of all things good for business (most importantly, its people), that she started a social impact platform called Millie. 

Rachel’s keeping a keen eye on what’s happening in the realm of social impact, and she joined me on People at Work to emphasize what leaders should be focusing on. We chat about generational shifts (PSA: the philanthro kids are here), why employee resource groups matter, starting small is better than not starting, and giving the keys to passionate individuals.

Now’s the time to make social impact a firm part of your culture, not a convenient add on to serve your marketing agenda. Listen in and hear why and how you can build authentic and credible social impact with your organization. Your people are counting on it.

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“People don’t want to come to work and turn off what they care about.”

Rachel Klausner

Founder & CEO, Millie


Rachel Klausner is the founder and CEO of Millie, a social impact platform bringing giving and volunteering to workplaces of all sizes. When she’s not running a small tech company or podcasting under a blanket, Rachel is hiking with her daughters (read: bribing them with Skittles up mountains) or trying new art mediums to amatuer-out with.


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