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21st century workforce considerations feat. Phyllis Reid-Jarvis

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21st century workforce considerations feat. Phyllis Reid-Jarvis

In this episode of People at Work, Phyllis Reid-Jarvis joins us to talk about building human-centric workplaces in an era that demands authenticity.

The “humanization” of work must surely be one of the leading themes in the discussion around the 21st century workforce. We have the ongoing global health crisis to thank for that. The pandemic has at least one endearing quality: it’s helped us accelerate the importance and care of people in the workplace.

But smart leaders like Phyllis Reid-Jarvis have been thinking about the humanization of work for some time. Phyllis believes that we’re finally shifting from performative to authentic work environments. Here, people can be more demanding and intentional about how they want to work and what they want from their leaders.

In this episode of People at Work, Phyllis shares her perspective on how to practically build people-centric workplaces and elevate leadership acumen to rise to the challenges ahead of us thanks to new ways of working.

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“Employees now want a boss who’s also their coach and spends time with them.”

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis

CEO, Ultimate Potentials


Phyllis Reid-Jarvis helps leaders use the principles of Conscious Leadership to create diverse, inclusive, and psycho-socially safe and healthy workplaces. She is a proud Winnipegger that enjoys walks by the Red River, in the Exchange District, or at the Forks, followed by a meal at one of the many amazing restaurants in the area!

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The Ultimate Potentials resources page includes their introductory Managing a Remote Workforce manual.

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