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Manage stress with a deep breath says Nicole Mixdorf

By Bev Attfield

2 min read

Manage stress with a deep breath says Nicole Mixdorf

Stress is part of daily life, even more so with the ripple effects of the global pandemic, social injustice, and political unrest. While there’s a lot swirling around all of us, shaking us to the core some days, we can manage this stress.

Nicole Mixdorf has experienced the damaging effects of stress firsthand. She left her corporate career that was literally making her sick from stress, and started a wellness business to help busy professionals take care of themselves.

Nicole helps her clients understand their own stress response, and then teaches them how to take control of it. Whatever the cause of the stress, the first step to getting in the driver’s seat usually involves taking a deep breath.

Doing this not only gives us space between stimulus and response, it helps introduce more oxygen to the brain (70% in fact!) and that opens us up to be more calm, receptive, creative, and in control of our own emotions and physical state.

In this episode of People at Work, Nicole talks about a few simple tools that she uses to control stress, and turn each chronic stress state into an opportunity. Nicole leads us through a breathing exercise (bonus content!) and her key tips on how to change your mindset to “what can I do?” versus “what can’t I do?” when faced with stressful situations.

If you’re listening for yourself, Nicole’s simple approach will help you immediately. If you’re listening as a leader trying to help your team cope with stress, Nicole’s here for you too with thoughts on how best to support your people. Either way, just breathe.

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“The easiest way to shut off the body's stress response is to take a deep breath.”

Nicole Mixdorf

Chief Wellness Officer, Balance by Nature


Nicole spent over a decade working her way up the corporate ladder in a global firm until she began experiencing the health consequences of the stressful environment; after healing, she launched Balance by Nature to inspire busy professionals to create more balance and thrive.

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